A Wizard’s Hat

Nicholas C. Rossis

Have you ever wondered where the pointy wizard hat stereotype stems from?

Someone on Quora did and Wendy Carolan had the answer.

Where Does the Idea of the Wizard’s Hat Come from?

As you can well imagine, the question here refers to the stereotypical pointy blue wizard’s hat with the stars and crescent moons, immortalized by Fantasia:

The Sorcerer's ApprenticeSource: FilmAffinity.com

Tall, conical hats have long been associated with magi and sorcery.

It’s been claimed that the cone-shaped hat traditionally worn by wizards is symbolic of wisdom and intelligence. Its pointed shape represents the cone of power, which is associated with the circle, the symbol of the sun, unity, eternity, rebirth, and the triangle. The conical hat allows the wizard to concentrate his sacred power so that he can be centered with a power that is infinite.

Whatever the basis for such claims, it’s true that pointed hats were frowned upon by…

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3 thoughts on “A Wizard’s Hat

  1. Are there any themes Nicholas’isnt researching on? 😉 Another great posting. I never had thought the cone hat has such a long stay in history. Thank you for sharing, Chris! Enjoy your weekend, and please stay save. As i have heard on radio, UK got a mutant of the C-19. ;-( Michael – You should let do Copy & Paste the Chinese. They are much more better in this.(Sarcasm out! ;-))

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