How To Proof Listen To An Audiobook – by Maxwell Cantrell…

on The Creative Penn:

Audiobooks are a rapidly growing market for authors in multiple genres — but the process of getting an audiobook to production is detailed and proofing your audio files is an important aspect. In this article, Maxwell Cantrell outlines some tips for proofing your audiobook.


A narrator creates the raw audio files by recording hours of audio and then edits these, sometimes across multiple recording sessions, to create the finished product. There are inevitable issues with editing audio, just as there are with editing your manuscript, so it’s critical to proof-listen to the files before they are approved on whatever platform you use to publish. After all, readers don’t want to listen to crackles, faulty delivery, poorly-spliced audio clips, mispronunciations, and repeats.

I’m an audio proofer. My job is to listen to audiobooks and catch mistakes so that readers don’t ever hear them. Here are some tips and tricks I use to make every book sing.

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