Scene Dynamics – by Zara Altair…

What Happens in A Scene?

A scene is a revelation, peeling back the curtains and revealing a character’s mind, says Adam Skelter of The Art of Story.

Every story is built with scenes. They are the building blocks for each chapter, and each plot point and act in your story. A scene is a story unit where an event takes place that changes a character’s emotional state.

The change is usually from positive to negative or negative to positive. If the character enters happy, they should leave sad. If they enter angry, they should leave surprised. If they enter full of anxiety, they should end relieved.

Build each scene with a three-step process. If you start your scene knowing the three components, you’ll move from one to the other to construct a succinct mini-story with a beginning, middle, and end.

And, each scene has three basic components. This is what happens in a scene:

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