5 ways to write characters readers can relate to

Uninspired Writers

There is little more satisfying than reading a book, and feeling a connection with the characters. Being able to relate to people in fiction has a very real impact, and creates a lasting effect. As I continue with my NaNoWriMo project, I’m sharing the five ways I’m writing relatable characters. Be sure to share your own tips at the end!

Have flaws and failings
As humans, we are prone to being too harsh on ourselves. And as such, we may focus too much time on our flaws and failings. As such, it is hard to relate to characters who live perfect lives, with perfect personalities and perfect outcomes. All characters, even the heroes, should have flaws. Their imperfections are what make them human. It is also important to show your characters failing. It is another inevitability of life. And what’s important is showing the way the characters react and…

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