Top 8 Platforms to Sell Your Ebooks – by Rob Davis…

on Digital Pubbing:

This quote from Harvey Dent from the ever-famous “Batman: The Dark Knight” movie and comic is an apt representation of what an ebook goes through as it rests in your hard drive, waiting to be published and sold.

As time passes, your ebook seems to get more ‘outdated’, not to mention you start losing interest in publishing it. There are two major reasons why people often fail to publish ebooks:

  1. No response to queries sent to publishers (yeah, that one hurts. I’ve been there.)
  2. Inability or unwillingness to go to the self-publishing route

The popular myth is that self-published books aren’t that refined or not the ‘epics’ that popular publishers usually go for. To add fuel to the fire, people also believe that if you self-publish, your book might not get the traction it needs to sell.

Here, I will give you 8 platforms that you can use to publish your ebook successfully without sacrificing on sales, just like some legends did (listed below). It might take some more work from your end, but the results are always well-worth it.

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