Help people stuck at home discover books – by Sandra Beckwith…

on Build Book Buzz:

(This article first appeared in March 2020, but is still valid today)

This week’s article was inspired by a humorous tweet that went viral.

On March 7, thriller writer Mark Edwards tweeted, “I’ve heard that coronavirus is going to cause a massive shortage of books, which will be essential when we’re all stuck at home, so it’s very important for everyone to rush out and start panic-buying novels. Thank you.

His tweet was liked 411,300 times, retweeted 67,200 times, and commented on 3,600 times. “Oh my goodness, this has gone bonkers,” he tweeted a day later. Bonkers indeed.

Forced nesting

It got me thinking, especially considering that since he tweeted that tongue-in-cheek public service announcement:

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5 thoughts on “Help people stuck at home discover books – by Sandra Beckwith…

  1. Great idea. With so many people being stuck indoors, it’s a great time to discover or re-discover the joy of reading.
    I have read many books this year. Got them from my cousin last October and as my wife and I have been reading we have done like a lot of neighbours and placed them in a crate outside for people to help themselves to.
    Well, it worked in the nice summer weather, I think we are going to be stockpiling now until the Spring.

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