5 Things to Do Once Your Book is on Amazon – by Belinda Griffin…

on Smart Authors Lab:

Your book is finally live on Amazon, congratulations! But now what? In this post I’m going to reveal the five things you must do once your book is live on Amazon. These will make sure it gets discovered and bought. Plus I have a bonus tip that you’re not going to want to miss.

Being on Amazon is not enough

You probably know by now that it’s not enough to simply have your book listed on Amazon. For readers to find it, you need to position it in such a way that it can readers can actually discover it. And when people do find your book, you need what we in marketing would call a ‘conversion focused’ listing. That means when people land on your book page, they’re more likely to click the buy button.

Two things that are really important for a book to do well on Amazon are a great cover and a good title. I’m not going to go into details on either of those here because I would hope that if you got to the point where you’ve uploaded your book, that you have done your work here. But if you haven’t invested in a professional cover design, and you’re not sure if your title meets reader or genre conventions, then definitely go away and do your homework to make sure that your book fits with what people expect to find for your type of book.

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