Block to Classic Editor Alert – For sight impaired, or, sighted but confused, #WordPress #Bloggers…

The Add New button is now actually two adjoining buttons

Click on the small one on the right of the Add New part – this will give you a drop down menu where you can select Block Editor (top one) or Classic Editor (bottom one)

SAVE THE CLASSIC EDITOR BROWSER LINK AS A FAVOURITE OR BOOKMARK, so you can go straight to adding a new post in the Classic Format…

If you (like me) accidentally click only on the Add New part, and draft, or start a post in the Block Editor, the only way I’ve found to change it is to save and back out of it, then go to your draft posts menu.

For every post, this will give you the following two lines of options:
(Top line) Edit – Classic Editor – Quick Edit
(Bottom line) Copy – Trash – Preview

Select the Classic Editor for the post you want to finish or continue with properly.

If all else fails, adapt and try:

If it works, save it in your favourites or bookmarks.

Hope this helps.

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23 thoughts on “Block to Classic Editor Alert – For sight impaired, or, sighted but confused, #WordPress #Bloggers…

  1. Thanks for this, Chris. I’m trying to get back into the blogging habit and was struggling with the block editor. This is helpful.
    I was close to giving up and backing off down the road of blog oblivion!

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  2. The last post I published was on the 30th September … I just checked and the buggers must’ve turned my region over the beginning of the month … I will, grudgingly, now go forth and joust with this complete and utter dog’s breakfast, because sooner or later the classic version will be gone. In the meantime, thank you for the link. It still works for me.

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  3. They are retiring it though. It will be going away forever soon apparently. But they may look at a drag and drop approach to blocks which is what my email list provider does and that’s a lot easier.



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