Girl Power and the She-cession

Worrying facts and great tips for women 😎

See the infographic on Nicholas’ original blog post 

Nicholas C. Rossis

I once had a look at my visitors and was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of them are women. I say pleasantly because, as the father of an, ahem, energetic 4-year-old girl, I know all about girl power.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing women succeed (okay, maybe chocolate) and I have nothing but respect for them. So, I was overjoyed when December 2019 set records as women held more payroll jobs than men. Women’s representation in leadership positions grew 29 percent in 2019, too, despite the widening pay gap up the career ladder.

However, I was recently dismayed to come across some data that showed how the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected women in 2020. Apparently, 48% of jobs held by women are within the 3 industries most impacted by COVID-19 (hospitality, education, and health services). This has put thousands of women in a difficult career and financial…

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