A Successful Daily Practice Requires Honesty – by Eric Maisel…

on Jane Friedman site:

Your daily practice demands honesty. If you play a passage on your musical instrument and it isn’t strong yet, you are honest enough to say, “This isn’t strong yet.” You don’t then berate yourself, pester yourself, rail at the gods, or create any other sort of inner or outer drama. You just calmly say, “Not strong yet.” Then you practice more.

If you skip too many days without attending to your new start-up business, you are honest and say, “I skipped too many days.” You don’t then also lament, “I’ve wasted so many days!” or “Now I have no chance!” or “I missed that golden opportunity!” You nod to the truth—that you skipped days you shouldn’t have—and proceed with some simple affirmation, like “Right here, right now” or “Back to work.” And you get to work.

Being 80 percent honest or 90 percent honest is lovely and a pretty high bar for human beings. But you and I are actually aiming for 100 percent honesty.

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