Can Some Authors Make Their Own Book Marketing & Sales Opportunities?

How To Ebook

Where do opportunities for authors to sell or market their books come from?

Let me first tell you where they don’t come from:


None of that gets you anywhere but where you are. It may be natural to experience any or all of the above, but the quicker you stifle negative thinking or useless actions, the faster you will grow and succeed.

Ok, sure, I stated the obvious. I know anyone can tell you not to shit yourself, but it needs to be said. Stress run amok serves no one. It is not a strategy to worry and become incapacitated by wandering thoughts. There is no reason to make actionless worrying a habit.

Here is what you should do: Develop an opportunistic mindset. Instead of waiting for opportunities to be served to you, which rarely happens, you need to create your own opportunities…

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