Don’t lose your novel! 5 ways to backup your writing

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Writing a novel is a huge deal. It is tough and exciting, long and rewarding, emotional and powerful. Those words you produce, those characters you breathe life into, those worlds you create, are more valuable than gold. And nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing it all. So, while it may sound like simple advice, backup your novel. Don’t say you’ll do it next time – do it this time! And here are five ways to do it.

Save regularly
Reality is, your computer could crash at any time. Battery life dwindles unnoticed until it dies, systems glitch, power cuts happen. So be sure you hit the save button on your document regularly. Often, even if a computer has died completely, your files and documents will be salvageable, so make sure your document is up to date to avoid the risk of losing your carefully spent time.
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