What Are Your Anxiety Dreams Telling You?

Dreams explained?

Nicholas C. Rossis

As you may recall, much of my writing inspiration comes from my dreams and I have often written about dreams in my blog.

I recently came across an interesting article on Casper about so-called “quarantine dreams” or “coronavirus dreams.” These are anxiety-ridden dreams that can leave you feeling confused and anxious, long after you’ve woken up. Indeed, the proper way to label these dreams would be to call them anxiety dreams.

The infographic below covers 15 common anxiety dreams, what they mean, and the best ways to cope. I was shocked to realize that I’ve had seven of these (!) in the past months. Now I’m worried that I may be more stressed than I’ve realized! My only consolation is that I’m obviously not the only one…

What Are Your Anxiety Dreams Telling You?

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8 thoughts on “What Are Your Anxiety Dreams Telling You?

  1. Used to have those, but now the dreams start out fine and then I don’t know where I am and trying to find my way back. Still, it doesn’t bother me like the one where a bunch of t-rex broke into buildings and I’m hiding near the ceiling between flower pots.

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