Interview with the Anasazi Medium Characters – Guest Post by G G Collins…

The Reluctant Medium characters congregate to discuss author G G Collins’ new paranormal mystery Anasazi Medium(Release: August 1, 2020). It is fourth in the Rachel Blackstone series.

The rooftop deck has been completed at the newly remodeled High Desert Country Magazine headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a cover to keep the summer monsoon at bay, we can watch the glorious sunset as the clouds clear in the west. The margaritas are poured. They’re waiting on you.

As founder and publisher of High Desert Country, Julian Brazos will conduct the interview.

Julian: Welcome everyone. Thanks for coming in the rain whichour high desert city needs desperately.

For those of you who have never read a Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery, here’s a bit to catch you up. In Reluctant Medium, Rachel tried a Hopi ritual to return the dead. She wanted to talk with her father about his unfortunate demise, but instead an evil soul returned. When it disappears through a door, she hears a wolf howl, where no wolf should be. Thereafter, she has, shall we say, abilities, she’d rather not possess. Yes, she speaks with dead people, sometimes alien beings, Dracs and people in really different time zones. But, fear not, she also picked up a protective spirit wolf along the way. His name is Kiyiya. Somehow, he always knows when he is needed.

Anasazi Medium may be her toughest gig yet. A spirit appears telling her the Fourth World of the Hopi is about to end. Here’s what he said:

Everyone you know and everyone you do not know will die. You will die. Your feline will die.

The last of the nine signs is about to be fulfilled if Rachel can’t stop the evil men who prey upon the Ancients’ land. The ninth sign is in the sky in the form of the Dog Star (Sirius). Every day it is travels closer to Earth. Yes, we’re talking about a dinosaur apocalypse. Pretty scary stuff.

Of course, I allowed time off for her to solve this mystery. She never takes a vacation, so she has enough leave to take an around-the-world voyage. Somehow she still makes her deadlines. Included today are:

G G Collins: Writer of the mystery series.

Rachel Blackstone: Promoted to editor and senior writer for High Desert Country; a fact-driven reporter whose way of thinking clash with being suddenly psychic. I beg of you, don’t call her that. She’s still reluctant. Rachel lives with her cat Chile Pod. They never miss a newscast.

Chloe Valdez: Chloe and Rachel are best friends. A real estate mogul, she thinks her work is boring and Rachel’s fascinating—although it doesn’t pay as well. Chloe doesn’t miss a metaphysical mystery. She’s Rachel’s confidant and partner in crime—and she always caters a stakeout.

Mari-Lynn Alo: Once a Colorado pot grower, she constantly outfoxed local law enforcement. Mari-Lynn moves to the City Different and goes legit. She is prone to visions and assists with a little magic of her own.

Anna Cristal: Wrongly diagnosed by doctors, young Anna is a Crystal Child. She plays a vital role in getting a message to Rachel. (No margaritas for her; strictly soda.)

Ancient Spirit: Sent from the Land of the Dead to warn Rachel of the Dog Star’s lethal route to Earth.

Julian: GG, why Anasazi Medium?

GG: The Hopi’s rich traditions have drawn me to their story. The Nine Signs predicting the end of the Fourth World of the Hopi are so believable. I have outlined each in the book. In reality, the space station may well be the last of the nine signs.Hopi lore relates it as a dwelling that falls from the sky. I chose the Dog Star because it has a blue glow and worked with the Blue Star Kachina dance. Blue is a recurring color throughout the book.

Water is a frequent theme as well. New Mexico is the most water-challenged state in the U.S. Rachel and Chloe stumbleonto a water mystery that has roots in reality; that grounds the paranormal story. It takes place in beautiful Bandelier National Monument and the Valles Caldera (Used as the sheriff’s ranch in the TV series Longmire.). It also happens to be a real supervolcano: dormant, not extinct.

Julian: Rachel, from my viewpoint, you seem to be rising to each challenge. How are you adapting?

It’s getting easier, although I would obviously prefer just to be a reporter. There was one moment in Anasazi Medium where I actually felt my confidence growing in this role of, uh, intuitive. Chloe says I have been “chosen” to do this and I’m grudgingly beginning to agree with her. That means, like being a reporter, I have to learn quickly and integrate new information with whatever the current challenge is.

Chloe: She has been chosen. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the spirit wolf. Speaking of Kiyiya, I actually got to talk with him and touch him in this episode. He was there for us in a couple of tight spots. Of course, this adventure really began with the spirit from the past.

Ancient Spirit: It fell upon me to be the bearer of bad news. Neither of us spoke the same language but somehow we communicated across the centuries. Not that the end of the Fourth World mattered to anyone in the Land of the Dead, but there are good living people. I was sent to warn Rachel; the one who talks with spirits.

Chloe: He appeared to Rachel in her courtyard. She’s getting accustomed to meeting with spirits in odd places. We immediately met and planned the next move. Just when we thought it was solved we learned being overconfident is not a good thing.

Ancient Spirit: Rachel and Chloe did solve part of the scheme, but it called for more. There was someone close by they had yet to uncover. Skeleton Man, Lord of the Dead, gave Rachel a clue after I told her to visit him.

Julian: Mari-Lynn, tell us about your expanded part in Anasazi Medium.

Mari-Lynn: Delighted. My partner and I moved to Santa Fe, meditation circle and all. We’ve opened two back-to-back businesses. Celeste runs the medical marijuana store and I have Chrysalis, a crystal and metaphysical shop. It’s a dream of mine and I’m enjoying teaching classes and recommending crystals to customers. I had a special protective pendant made for Rachel when her investigations took her to the Land of the Dead. She needed protection from the dead and for the dead. It was a dangerous journey.

Rachel: Mari-Lynn, tell them about your visions. They were pivotal in moving the story forward.

Mari-Lynn: By using levitation during a vision, I could better see what was going on and determine the location of an event. And in the first case, I was able to warn you about the water. Although, I didn’t know the exact time or day you would be needed, it was enough to issue a warning. That’s where Anna was introduced.

Anna: It was so scary; seeing a ghost, nearly drowning and passing on an important message. It’s a lot. I’m four years old.(She holds up four fingers.) But I met Rachel and we are friends forever.

Chloe: It turned out Anna is a Crystal Child. She held the key to the whole mystery and didn’t even know it. I hate to admit, but Rachel and I missed that one too. While nearly drowning, Joseph, the kindly shaman in spirit, spoke to Anna and gave her the message.

Rachel: But Anna wasn’t the only person to present us with clues. Dave Chee, the Bandelier park ranger, told me about his mother. She was born with a sixth sense. She provided confirmation in a scene near the end of the story. Without her, Chloe and I would have been flying blind.

Chloe: Dave is also a handsome park ranger and I don’t think he’s attached. (Looks at Rachel pointedly.)

Rachel: She’s always trying to fix me up. Or, mess with me! How about that new high-tech gate she installed just to vex me?”

Chloe: That’s not the only reason I added the gate to my property. But it’s a bonus. (Chloe laughs and Rachel frowns.)

Julian: Okay, how about we wrap this up. GG, anything you would like to add?

Alcove House in the Upper Cave.
Notice the ladders.
Courtesy Bandelier National Monument

As with all my Rachel Blackstone mysteries there is the paranormal component. Paranormal stories can be a stretch for some readers, so I visit my locations and do background research. I’ve been to Bandelier and Los Alamos repeatedly. Bandelier and the Valles Caldera are beautiful, but their history is even more amazing. I include those historical elements in the story. I take the reader to the Alcove House at Bandelier via several ladders. It’s located 140 feet above the floor of Frijoles Canyon! A remarkable treasure, with more than 33,000 acres (or 13,355 hectares) to explore. The main event is the cliff dwellings and former city in the canyon.

The Valles Caldera will be familiar to fans of the Longmire TV series. It was used as the location of Sheriff Longmire’s ranch.The cabin used in the series is there. It’s quite awe inspiring and if you didn’t know it was a caldera it would appear to be a peaceful valley. Deceptive.

Damien Buie Valles Caldera New Mexico

Anasazi Medium has a strong environmental message. The water thieving described in the story I took from actual events in southeastern New Mexico. The message from the Hopi about how we treat our one and only Earth is even more relevant today.

Rachel continues to evolve as a medium, like it or not. She’s getting smarter about how to handle each mystery. She combines her reporter’s instincts with compassion for people from another time and her powerful sense of right and wrong. It all works to get the job done.

Julian: Okay, that’s a wrap. Assignments still have to be turned by deadline.

*     *     *

Link to G G Collins Amazon Author Page where all her books can be found. She also writes the Taylor Browning Cozy Mystery Series. Taylor is a mystery editor at a book publisher who thinks she can edit her way out of trouble. And two Young Adult books: one equestrian novel and another on teenage loss.

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Anasazi Medium is the fourth

in the

Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery series

Eight of the nine signs signaling the end of the Fourth World of the Hopi have come to pass. The ninth is hurtling toward Earth!

Rachel is recruited by the spirit world to prevent a cataclysmic occurrence: the end of the Fourth World of the Hopi. The ancient spirit tells her: “Everyone you know and everyone you do not know will die. You will die. Your feline will die.”

In this fourth Rachel Blackstone paranormal adventure, ancient peoples enlighten contemporary humankind in a mystery as old as time. As earthquakes occur in Santa Fe and a New Mexico supervolcano threatens to blow, it becomes imperative she discover the root of all evil. But can she stop the greedy men intent on having their way and willing to kill to achieve it?

In this her most dangerous challenge yet, Rachel calls on her friends, both the quick and the dead. The survival of an unaware civilization depends on Rachel getting it right.



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