#Writing tools: have you discovered BookLinker?


I mentioned BookLinker in my recent post on adding Amazon categories to your books, but finding categories is not the only thing Booklinker does – and it’s FREE to use.

After publishing that post, its designer, Richard Hellewell, contacted me to tell me about new tools available on the site, so here’s a bit more info.

BookLinker tools:

Create a universal book link with no setup or registration

  • Create a universal book link with no setup or registration (Clicking on that link will take you to your country’s Amazon store for that book, check the report to see which countries get the most clicks, and add your Amazon affiliate details for more income.)

  • Use the CATFINDER tool I talked about in the previous post, to check out what categories any book is in, simply by putting in the book’s ASIN

  • The CATFINDER tool will also show you book sales…

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