A Literary Ape

Many thanks to Cynthia for her patience (and perseverance) in gathering and posting this article 🦍

Cynthia Reyes

Be warned: today I’m writing about a great ape. One who does a lot for authors around the world, and accepts payment only in virtual bananas.  


If you love books – reading them or writing them — you may have visited the Story Reading Ape website. It’s a treasure trove of  books, authors from around the world and the craft of writing and publishing.

Small TSRA Blog Logo showing a silverback gorilla reading an Origin of Man book

But the ape, aka Chris Graham, writes almost nothing about himself. 

We know he loves books (“I don’t so much read books as devour them”), that author Terry Pratchett is a literary hero, and not much else.

I count Chris as a friend. I should.  It’s partly because of Chris that the first Myrtle the Purple Turtle book was published, despite my lack of confidence. (It went on to win headlines, an award and much praise from critics.)  

Myrtle - Cover latest at 2MB

But I don’t know…

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12 thoughts on “A Literary Ape

  1. You do wonderful work, Chris, and I’m grateful to you for all your kindnesses. Prior to studying at Swansea University, I spent several years at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford and lived on Penngrove Road for a while in lodgings with a landlady and a collie. I was therefore interested to learn that you now live in Hereford, which is a lovely city. Kevin

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