Desert Adventures: Hard to Do Without Writing ‘Dessert’ By Accident At Least Once

More great tips, from Charles 😃

Legends of Windemere

The Mummy

I’ve actually talked about sea journeys and a few other specific types over the years, but I realized that I never touched on this one.  Desert adventures have been really popular for a long time.  You find it in many series and some revolve entirely around existing in this setting.  First examples I can think of are ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Dune’.  So, what is appealing about this setting?

Well, it has to be one of the most brutal landscapes to place a story.  It’s the polar opposite of . . . arctic adventures.  Sorry about that one.  Obviously, the difference is that the desert holds different threats.  I’d argue it has more than its mate, which is primarily about freezing to death.  The things that can kill you in a desert seem to be extensive and one gets the feeling that the setting is more of an enemy…

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