Nine Great Twitter Chats for Writers – by Nate Hoffelder…

With the pandemic having shut down most in-person events, we’re all looking for ways to connect with other writers online. One way you can do that is to participate in a Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat is a weekly or bi-weekly affair where a bunch of people use a hashtag to hold a conversation. The chats usually run about an hour, during which time everyone participating in the chat uses the hashtag and converses freely with anyone who shows up. They can be informative and a lot of fun, but they are also hard to find. You almost have to stumble across one by accident (seriously), so I thought it would be great to point you at a few of the Twitter chats I have found.

They are mostly clustered on Wednesday night at 8pm and 9pm eastern, but I do know of a few held at other times.

BTW, I would love to add more chats to my schedule, so if you know of one I missed, please reply to this post. Thanks!

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