Stop Staring at a Blank Page: 4 (Not So) Silly Writing Tips to Get Words on Paper – by Sandra Wendel…

on Jane Friedman:

Imagine the first writer’s block: perhaps a caveman with a rudimentary stick staring at a large, blank rock. Today’s equivalent of the blank rock may be a computer screen, and your process may seem like the pie chart below.

When you sit down to write (and there’s a problem right there; you may not do well sitting down), do you find yourself with a sudden urge to clean out a file drawer? Throw in a load of laundry? Search the internet for ways to clean wine stains out of carpet? Check the refrigerator for the third time? Bake a cake instead?

You have something to say, but what’s holding you back?

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  1. Can’t quite find myself in those three categories. I like a navigation device when driving in unknown territory, but I also like maps, a lot! They even inspire me! And yes, sometimes I get an idea while walking or working or just sitting “on the throne”.
    I learn best with a teacher, but I need to write down things, too, not just listen. Sometimes a melody gets me in the mood to write, sometimes a picture.

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