The Art of Authoring

K.M. Allan

Once upon a time, the only thing a writer needed to take care of was the writing itself.

In modern times, with the rise of social media and self-publishing, a writer needs to do more. I and the other talented wordsmiths in my #6amAusWriters Twitter group refer to this as “authoring.”

Sometimes when we check in during the early hours to work, instead of putting down words or editing, we’re organizing social media posts, blogging, making graphics, and whatever else is needed to keep the writing side-show going.

Because of this, there are weeks when it feels like you’re never writing. And that’s before dealing with the reality that authoring can be overwhelming and full of anxiety, especially when it’s not something you’re comfortable doing.

Unfortunately, a writer who wants any type of success needs to be authoring, though, so here are some tips for how you can ace it.

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