Post-Pandemic Publishing for Indie Authors – by Mark Coker…

on Smashwords Blog:

The COVID-19 pandemic will have far-reaching consequences for the business of publishing.

In this post, I’ll brush off my imaginary crystal ball – usually reserved for my annual end-of-year predictions – and speculate on the impact COVID-19 will have on the post-pandemic publishing prospects for indie authors in the months and years ahead.

As of this writing (June 17, 2020), the immediate health and economic devastation wrought by COVID-19 has been nothing short of cataclysmic.

As we’ll learn, indie authors are well-positioned for the unfortunate circumstances we all face.

Let’s review where the globe is at now, and then I’ll jump into predictions and advice on how indie authors can overcome the challenges ahead.

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One thought on “Post-Pandemic Publishing for Indie Authors – by Mark Coker…

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article Chris. As regards the risk of contracting COVID-19 from paper, my understanding is that the risk is low. This factsheet has some useful information with links to further data, Of course the actual risk (as compared to people’s perception of risk) are 2 entirely different things so, even if the chances of contracting the virus from a print book are low, this will not stop some people from fearing that books will give them Corona. Coker argues that people will be fearful of large gatherings. I think this is true for some individuals. However there are others (witness the big shopping queus when the stores reopened here in the UK) who are happy to continue to shop until they drop. I wonder also whether second-hand bookstores in open air markets could do a good trade, as the virus is less likely to be passed in the open air. Best, Kevin

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