Unintentional Story Issues, And How To Fix Them

K.M. Allan

When you’re the writer of a manuscript, everything about the story makes sense to you. And why wouldn’t it? You’re the one who has spent hours writing your way through countless drafts.

The trouble with being the person who’s worked on the story so intensely means it can be hard for you to notice when there’s a problem.

You’re too close to the words and there will be things you can’t see until someone else points it out. That’s when being in touch with awesome beta readers comes in handy, and knowing about some common issues that could unintentionally surface in your story.

Unintentional Story Issues, And How To Fix Them

Your Mystery Has Become Confusing

Your story doesn’t have to be a mystery to have a mysterious element to it. An event hinted at but not revealed right away can find a place in any genre. But if your…

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