Build Your Writer Platform & Fanbase: A Fiction Author Case Study – by Abby Arthur…

on Your Writer Platform:

Intro by Kimberley Grabas:

I had the opportunity (and the pleasure) of working with fiction author, Abby Arthur, a few months ago.

During our one-on-one session, we worked on defining her author brand, identifying her ideal audience, and developing her online presence (building her author website, email list, and network).

We uncovered some specific promotional campaigns that would entice her readers and help her meet her objectives.

In this post, Abby is sharing the steps she’s taken and her results (so far), so you too can learn how to grow your audience and writer platform.

Are you an author trying to grow your mailing list and fan base?

Are you lost at what to do?

I was right there with you. And though I’m not done with my marketing mission for the year, I’ve made some steps towards building my fan base that I’m sure can help and encourage you.

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  1. Thank you so much, Chris, for this post. It makes sense to me, which is rare in my case. lol Anyway, I’ve bookmarked the post and will be finding out more about the steps she took. 🙂

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