It’s All in a Font: How Font Choice Affects the Mind – by Rafal Reyzer…

on The Book Designer:

Font choice is a major component of book and cover design. In today’s guest post, Rafal Reyzer offers some insight into why certain fonts work and others don’t. I think you’ll enjoy this post.

According to an interview with the Wall Street Journal, when writing, Anne Rice, the author of Interview With the Vampire, sets her font to 14 point Courier and double spaces the text on her 30-inch Mac computer monitor.

This piqued my curiosity: “so other people do this too?” As I write these words, I use the 19 point Arabic Typesetting font to pour my thoughts onto the computer screen. Why this strange choice? Why not a simple sans-serif option like Arial or Calibri? It’s because fonts have a psychological impact on the human mind.

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