What Successful Writers and Experienced Detectives Have in Common – by Garry Rodgers…

On Anne R. Allen:

I was always the weird kid. While other boys dreamed of growing up to fly fast fighters or fight ferocious fires, I wanted to be a writer. It was like a calling. Is that weird or what?

But, instead of studying fine arts or going to journalism school, when I turned twenty-one I joined Canada’s national police force. I soon ended up on the RCMP Serious Crimes Section. Then, I spent the remainder of my cop career as a detective involved with homicide cases.

I retired from the crime-busting business in my forties to take an appointment as a coroner. Here, I spent a second career doing forensic investigations by detecting the causes of death. Some would think spending decades dealing with the dead is also pretty weird.

I didn’t think so. You know why? Because in both professions, I got to do a lot of writing. As a detective, I wrote stuff like crime reports, prosecution briefs, search warrant applications and wiretap affidavits. In the coroner service, I wrote legal judgments that had lasting ramifications long after my clients were gone.

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