Overcoming The 7 Marketing Struggles Every Author Faces – by Troy Lambert…

on The Creative Penn:

Want to make a writer cringe? You can do it by simply asking them one question: “How’s marketing going?” At the very least, you will get their attention.

That is because no matter how great a writer you are, it’s pretty likely that you struggle with marketing.

A part of this is understandable. The rules of the game change every few weeks if not more often. It can be another part-time job just to keep up with these changes and try to make the right marketing decisions. It’s exhausting.

But the other harsh truth is this: the book that is not marketed does not sell. If you’re going to be a writer who sells a decent number of books, you’re going to either have to learn to market your work yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Here are seven marketing struggles that every writer faces no matter how experienced and popular they might be.

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4 thoughts on “Overcoming The 7 Marketing Struggles Every Author Faces – by Troy Lambert…

  1. I love Joanna Penn and her website. I recently listened to a podcast interview with her and she’s so inspiring and motivating. Funny that you should link to her blog, it’s a small world.

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