How to Handle Editorial Trauma – by Terry Whalin…

on The Writing Life:

Over the last few days, I have been in editorial trauma. It has happened to me over and over in my years in publishing. I don’t like to be here but it is a reality of this business. Every writer needs an editor (or maybe a series of editors) to help you with your blindspots, raise questions where information is missing and improve what you are publishing. Whether you are writing for a traditional publisher or self-publishing, this editor is a critical partner in producing excellent work.

Months ago on deadline, I completed a book manuscript, which is one of the first books in a series from this publisher. My book will be published later this year and during those silent months, the publisher was evaluating and talking about the pattern for their series. Whenever you write one of the first books in a series of books, there will be revisions and bumps in the process. I’ve been working through those bumps this past week and it has not been easy work.

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