Writing Craft: How Point-of-View Affects Dialogue – by Jami Gold…

With all the chaos in the world, my concentration is shot as far as writing. I’m probably not alone.

Luckily, my readers are helping me out with questions that I can use for topic ideas. *grin* (So keep the questions coming!)

Eshaani asked:

“My questions are:

1. Is it a change of POV when two characters are talking & one of them reacts to what the other said, but not loudly, not even physically (just a comment of scorn or disbelief but within his/her mind) & that happens frequently?

2. If so, how do I indicate it? Do I leave a line break, or space between the paragraphs, or with asterisks? Too many line breaks or asterisks in the same scene looks a bit odd to me.

3. Or should I continue as usual, only making it into a new paragraph?”

This is a fantastic question, and I’m so glad Eshaani brought it up! Last time we covered the dialogue formatting and attribution basics we need to understand before we can get into the more advanced knowledge necessary for this question.

To answer Eshaani’s question, we’re going to dig into head-hopping, point of view, and how to show emotions for different types of characters, all while keeping dialogue attribution clear. *whew*

Continue reading HERE


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