3 reasons to embrace one-star reader reviews – by Sandra Beckwith..

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Have you experienced that rite of passage in the book publishing industry known as the one-star review?

No matter where you are in the publishing spectrum – a self-published first-timer or a celebrated best-selling author – you can expect to see a one-star review show up eventually.

Nobody wants or hopes for one, of course. But it’s inevitable.

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One thought on “3 reasons to embrace one-star reader reviews – by Sandra Beckwith..

  1. My favorite one-star review for “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains” appeared the day after I’d had a fairly strong letter to the editor published in Philly’s main newspaper. The timing/content of the review showed pretty clearly that it simply came from someone who didn’t care for my letter and went online to look me up. Heh, he adopted the name of a local car dealership to sign his review.
    The paper on this vanity press production is soft and absorbent, but
    despite repeated applications, this never leaves me feeling completely
    clean “down there.”
    – Marion Sales

    I kind of liked it as it mixed in with a dozen or so 5 star and a single 4 star review but for some reason Amazon removed it without notification after about ten years.

    I *did* have an “unwritten” one-star review of Brains a couple of years later when a college kid at my favorite local late-night pub had asked if he could look it over. I gave him a copy to look over and then got involved in a side conversation for ten minutes or so. I got up to hit the bathroom and found my rather damp book propped up in a urinal. I was annoyed enough that I picked it up, found the kid still there but moved off to the other side of the crowded bar. I came up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and when he turned around I glared at him and said, “I think you forgot this in the bathroom.” and squeezed it over his lap before plopping it on the bar and picking up a 20 he had there and telling him he could give me the other two next time he came in. LOL! Fortunately the pub was more or less my “home base” while he was a one-night visitor yuppie from the U of PA, so he just quietly slunk out, never to be seen again.

    Didn’t take his book with him, oddly enough…


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