How To Handle The Short Story That Demands to be Turned into Something Bigger #AmWriting

Lucy Mitchell

This post is dedicated to all the demanding and pushy short stories out there, currently pestering their writers and demanding to be turned into something bigger.

I read a great quote yesterday from a Barnes & Nobel article where a short story was described as a literary iceberg, tales with so many ideas unseen below the surface. This is exactly what I think they are, I just wish they were not so demanding.

If you’ve never been stalked by a short story that you once wrote – you’ve led a sheltered writer’s life!

This is what happens:

  • You write a short story.
  • Edit it, revise it, enter it into a few competitions if you’re feeling groovy or put it away in a folder or a drawer sighing with creative contentment. In your head your work is done here and it is time to move onto something else.
  • Your short story…

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