Working from Home Tools: Wondershare SignX

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How to Switch Off from Work, When Home becomes Your Office

Nicholas C. Rossis

Part of my freelance writing is signing documents like non-disclosure agreements, contracts, etc. If you regularly work from home, or if the current pandemic has you working from home, then you, too, probably communicate online with customers and co-workers. If so, you may need to have paperwork signed.

The traditional way requires couriers and the post, with all the delay and cost these bring – especially when working on another country (or continent). Alternatively, you may send documents by email so that the signees can print them, sign them, scan them, and send them back to you. Finally, you can copy and paste a scanned signature into the document.

However, things can fast become complicated. You may need here and now a signature from a co-worker who used to work in the cubicle next to yours. You may want to avoid couriers due to the epidemic. The signee may be…

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