Don’t Be That Author: How to Handle Genuine Feedback on Your Manuscript – by RJ Crayton…

on Indies Unlimited:

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they must get feedback on the work that they have poured their soul into. And while writers often ask for feedback on the tome they’ve labored over, what they’re really seeking is accolades, not genuine critiques.

However, accolades don’t make a manuscript, or its writer, better. What helps all writers — whether they’re J.K. Rowling or you — is genuine, constructive feedback. Yet, when that feedback comes, it can often feel like a rebuke of our talents, our tale, and even us in general. And while many of us know it shouldn’t feel like this, sometimes it does.

So, how do you get yourself ready to take genuine feedback and do something with it? Easy peasy (in theory, at least). I’m going to offer you three quick tips.

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