Need Advice from an Editor? – by Jami Gold…

Editing is the process of making our words (and sentences, scenes, and story) better. Unless we’re one of those authors who think everything we write is perfect from the moment we first type out the words, we all deal with the process of editing.

Whether we rely on heavy doses of self-editing, beta readers, critique partners, or professional editors, the editing process forces us to take a closer look at what we’ve written. That analysis might leave us with questions our Googling and research can’t answer.

In those times, it can to help to be able to ask a professional editor:

  • What type of editor should we get?
  • Do we have to accept every suggestion from our editor?
  • What does this advice really mean and how do we apply it?
  • Is that advice a strict rule, or can we bend it a bit?

But if we don’t know an editor, how can we get our question answered? Let’s find out…

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