Managing Your Book Series – by Melissa Bowersock…

on Indies Unlimited:

Are you writing a series? Many authors are, it seems. Some of us have discovered how satisfying it can be to extend one story into many, to watch our characters grow and develop. It’s actually something I never thought I would do, but now that I’m knee-deep in it, I love it.

Coming from a position of doing only stand-alone books for the first 40 years of my writing career, however, I’ve run into an issue. I tend to do what I call “writing in the headlights.” What I mean is that I usually concentrate very narrowly on the chapter or scene in front of me, the one that I’m working on, and I seldom look back unless I realize there’s a plot hole that I need to fill. Once I finish a scene, I move on to the next, again, pretty much blanking my mind of what went on before.

This came up as an issue when I contracted with a narrator to do the audiobooks of my series

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