5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Finish Your Book – by Colleen M. Story…

on Writers Helping Writers:

When you start writing a book, you intend on finishing it.

You begin with a wave of excitement. A new book holds so much promise. Then somewhere along the way, something changes. The story gets more difficult. It takes longer to finish a chapter or even a page.

And then suddenly you’re in the middle of the book and you’re stuck. Before you know it, it’s been weeks or even months since you’ve written a word.

Your project dangles dangerously on the precipice of the giant wasteland known as “unfinished manuscripts.”

You must not allow this to happen! If you do, you become one of those writers who don’t finish their projects. We never hear about them.

You want to be a writer who finishes. It’s those writers who build successful careers.

To do that, avoid these five mistakes.

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