Amazon Past Prime: Why Major Retailers & Publishers are Going it Alone – by Kristen Lamb..

Is Amazon past prime? I really can’t speak for all business fads, just ones American. Americans do love…business. What do we love more than business? Duh. A great business fad.

Hey, we DID invent the forty-hour work week just so we could ignore it *hair flip*.

As I mentioned in my December post Penguin SOLD: Publishing, Change & Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Oh MY! everything fluctuates. Markets don’t get a pass. The world changes, technology shifts, and business that want to survive are wise to remember this.

Businesses exist to serve the customer…which is why Blockbuster is no longer around #ByeFelicia.

Which brings me to an interesting point. In the Amazon paradigm, who exactly is the customer? Did Bezos, in his frenzy to build an empire, forget that he actually had multiple customer vectors? Or, did he believe he could build something ‘too big to fail’?

Let’s talk about this, shall we?

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