A writer’s guide to internet safety – by Triona Guidry…

on WriterMag:

The internet may be a wealth of information for writers, but it can also be a heap of trouble. Your productive workday can easily derail thanks to a sneaky computer virus, a rogue link, or an infected ad.

Today’s internet viruses are more aggressive than ever, commandeering your computer and charging cash ransoms for removal. Financial fraud and identity theft run rampant, fueled by hijacked social media accounts. Prevention is the key to keeping your data accessible when you need it. By using strong passwords and secure networks, you can stay safe while getting your work done.

Have you ever received a message from a friend that seemed suspicious? Maybe they claimed they were overseas and in need of help, or perhaps they urged you to click a strange-looking link. These are examples of account hijacking, when hackers break in, change the passwords, and then start sending viruses and spam. Not only is it a nuisance, it can be a blow to your professional reputation. Imagine having to explain to your editor that a hacker hijacked your account and is sending them malware!

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