What studying literature teaches us about writing novels

Uninspired Writers

Learning is important to all writers. And the exciting thing is that we learn all the time. Every word we write, every word we read, brings us more understanding and knowledge and skill. It is a game of practice and discovery, being a writer.

I’m a uni student, and in studying English Literature and Creative Writing, I’m truly discovering more and more about my passions in life. This year has been very heavily focused on dissecting literature, and in helping me learn how to pick apart the books I read, it is also helping me to pick apart the books I write.

In my ‘learning journal’ I have 7 headings under which I can take notes about a story. And these are each vital points to think about when writing. Take a look…

Narrative and narrators
Narrative and narrators are vital to consider. I mean, this is the who and…

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