How to Choose an Agent Amid Competing Offers – by Barbara Poelle…

on Jane Friedman site:

Today’s post is an excerpt from Funny You Should Ask by literary agent Barbara Poelle, a new book collecting questions and answers from her popular column at Writer’s Digest.


Dear FYSA,

I received an offer of representation for my young adult novel. When I notified the other agents who had the full manuscript that I was withdrawing from consideration, I got an additional five offers! What would you advise I ask of the offering agents in this situation?


Full Dance Card


Dear Happy Dancer,

Well, first of all, if I am one of the offering agents, I advise you to pick me. I am delightful.

But really, thank you so much for this question, because this happens more often than most authors realize. When multiple agents make an offer on the same manuscript, there are indeed several questions you should ask the offering parties, andyourself, in order to determine which one might be your best match.

I should note for others here that these questions should also be considered even if only one agent is offering. After all, an offer isn’t an obligation—it’s an invitation, right? So invite them into a conversation!

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