How To Focus And Be Indistractable – With Nir Eyal…

on The Creative Penn:

Do you want to focus and get more writing done this year? Do you want to step away from the many distractions online and achieve your creative goals?

In today’s show, I discuss how to be indistractible with Nir Eyal.

Show Notes

  • Is it our fault that we’re so distractable?
  • Why technology isn’t the problem causing distraction
  • Creating indistractable time for writing
  • Why the opposite of distraction is not focus
  • The two types of triggers for distraction
  • Why do we do things that are against our better interests?
  • Why time management is pain management
  • The difference between a strategy and a tactic when it comes to being indistractable
  • Thoughts on the future of social media

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