Does Goodreads Have a Troll Problem?

Nicholas C. Rossis

I’ve heard from several authors who have stopped using Goodreads over the years. As Camestros Felapton reports, they may have a point, as Goodreads seems to suffer from a chronic troll problem. Matters reached crisis proportions way back in 2012. But recently, it looks like things have got worse.

Author Patrick S Tomlinson is currently being targetted by a sustained cyberstalking attack on Goodreads. Multiple fake accounts are leaving insulting reviews of a book of his that has not yet been published (not even as an ARC).

The fake accounts have been quite blatantly using fake names and identities, including a fake account pretending to be Otis Chandler, one of the founders of Goodreads:

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5 thoughts on “Does Goodreads Have a Troll Problem?

  1. Hell yes, it does. Things apparently started going downhills way back in 2012 already. The trolls that attacked new authors and targeted them hoped and expected verbal online-war.
    Several famous authors tried to clean Goodreads and the internet from the trolls, one of them Anne Rice. She had some success with TRO since she was personally threatened, but even if the trolls at one point are removed, they still return under a fake name and with a different account, continuing where they left off. I’m keeping away from there, I’ve seen really bad things.

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  2. For anyone who thinks they’ve been trolled on Goodreads – the Goodreads team are quite good at getting the troll reviews and stars removed. Just notify them with the flag and explain your reasons.
    Yes – I’ve been 1 starred for my entire catalogue (which had a major impact on books with low numbers of reviews). It took a couple of weeks, but order was restored. Moderators of Forums are particularly at risk.

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