Indie Authors and the Case of Events – by Joy E. Rancatore…

For Indie Authors, any opportunity to sell our books is cause for excitement. That is, after all, why we went through the grueling process to publish them. How else are they going to get to readers?

The thing is, though, events are tricky and they won’t always—or perhaps ever (Did I ever mention I’m a bit of a cynic?)—be lucrative.

So, why bother?

What events provide Indie Authors are exposure for your book and opportunities for you to get face to face with readers to gauge their reactions to and interest in the book as you learn how to better identify your ideal reader. 

This past weekend, I attended my first big event where I had my own table and sold my own books. I admit to being a little down about the number of sales. Since then I’ve reflected on the weekend and on all the positive parts as well as on some of the lessons I learned.

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