Commenting on Blogs: The Easy Way for New Writers to Build Platform – by Anne R. Allen…

I’ve seen a steep decline in the number of people commenting on blogs over the past few years. I’m not sure why that is. But commenting on blogs is still an easy, painless way to get your name into search engines and build an “author platform.”

I realize I’m partly preaching to the choir here. We have wonderful commenters on this blog. But I see a lot of great blogs devoid of comments these days.

And there are lots of people who seem to prefer to respond to the link to a blogpost on Facebook or Twitter rather than on the actual post.

Unfortunately sometimes they haven’t read the post, but are responding to the header, which isn’t a good idea. That’s a good way to look like a doofus, especially if the blogger’s title is ironic or it’s a question that’s answered in the post.

But a thoughtful comment on a high-traffic blog is a smart way to get your name in the public eye. And it’s easy.

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  1. I am only new to blogging, so I don’t get many comments yet! but I recently purchased your book The Author Blog, it has been amazing, I am so thankful I purchased this early on in my blogging journey. It’s now my go to manual on blogging so thank you for sharing your knowledge. Rebecca

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  2. I love to comment on blogs. At present, with an extra duty added to my job temporarily — and NaNoWriMo — I’ve been a bit remiss about reading posts.

    Why is it important to read a post? When I read the post, my comment tends to make more sense. I just had someone like 7 of my posts in one minute. The record was around 17 likes in one minute by someone who visits my site once a month or so. (I receive email notifications and that includes the time the email was sent).

    I appreciate the support, and know that most of us are very busy, it’s just that I can’t help the unjustified feeling that I’m one of 1,000 factory-line likes. I’m wondering how many people get that same feeling, even though the drive-by likes are simply people’s way of trying to give us a supportive pat on the back..

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