4 Tips on how to get noticed on Twitter: An Indie Author’s Guide – by Penny Sansevieri…

on Indie Reader:

When it comes to book promotion, the importance of making connections cannot be overstated and we’re lucky to live in a time where, through social media, there are so many avenues available to make this happen. While each social media platform has its own strength, indie authors have a particular interest in Twitter and ask me all the time about how they can get noticed there.

With Twitter, connecting to the “right” people can be not only a more focused effort, but it can be even easier than on say, Facebook or LinkedIn. Why? Because Twitter is a direct link. By liking or sharing someone’s Tweet, you’ve instantly become visible to their followers, allowing your own number of followers to rise, and with it your book promotion network.

Let’s explore the best ways to put this into practice and make Twitter work for you.

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