Bad Writing Habits To Break

K.M. Allan

We all know getting into good writing habits will see us complete our manuscripts, but what about those bad writing habits that don’t help the process?

You know what those habits are. They’re the things that stop you from sitting at your keyboard regularly, eat up the precious part of the day set aside for your writing, and slow your progress so it feels non existent.

Well, not anymore! It’s time to break those bad writing habits for good.

Bad Writing Habits To Break

Negative Self Talk

This is a habit that you might not even realize you’re doing, which is why it’s so important to break. Every time you think to yourself “I failed again”, “I’m the worst writer in the world”, “No one else will ever want to read this”, you’re feeding the negativity beast.

It’s natural to doubt yourself sometimes, everyone does, but you…

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