Finding and Using Competing Book Titles in Your Book Marketing – by Penny Sansevieri…

on Anne R. Allen:

As an author you’ve probably been told to look at competing titles through multiple stages of your journey from writing, to publishing, to book promotion.

Competing book titles can be lucrative references for cover design, book length, and choosing your categories and keywords. They’re also helpful in deciding how to price your book and determining the best strategies for marketing to potential buyers in your genre or topic, and more!

But even if we all know competing book titles can be used to our advantage, we’re not equally versed on how go about finding them. Maybe you’ve never done this research, or you’ve tried a few obvious strategies but could dig deeper.

So I’ve created a simple checklist for you to follow. It will ensure you’ve done your due diligence. Plus it should leave you feeling confident about how competitive you and your book are in your market.

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3 thoughts on “Finding and Using Competing Book Titles in Your Book Marketing – by Penny Sansevieri…

  1. Thanks again for a good resource – and a top takeaway from this share was her point about…
    ” bloggers are thought leaders. They know what their followers want and they influence buying and reading decisions. So whatever bloggers are covering should be on your list of competing book titles.”

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