Writing Tips: Nailing Point Of View

K.M. Allan

There’s nothing more fun as a reader than slipping wholly into the point of view of a character.

It’s also creatively satisfying to be a writer who can master such a skill.

Writing your book from the perspectives of your characters and getting it right forms a connection for both you and the reader, so if it’s a part of your writing that you’d like to nail, give these tips a try.

Writing Tips: Nailing Point Of View

Work Out Your Numbers

If you’re planning to write from the POV of just one character, congratulations, you already have your answer for this step!

If you are going to write from multiple POV’s then you need to decide on a number.

This involves taking a look at your cast of characters and seeing who is worthy, because as talented as you are at writing from the perspective of the shop…

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