Free tool for marketing your podcast on social media – by Jay Artale…

on Birds of a Feather Press:

I launched a How Travel Writers Self-Publish podcast just over a year ago. It was an experiment to see whether my nonfiction book content would work well in the audio format, and as a narrator training ground for turning my books into online courses. I’ve always been adverse to public speaking, but I joined Toastmasters to conquer that fear, and much to my surprise I love podcasting, and can’t wait to start creating my courses. Now I’ve decided I’m in it for the long-haul, it’s time to start getting more strategic about marketing my podcast across social media to build my target audience.

Up until now I’ve used static images to promote my podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For each show I create and publish on Podbean I create a blog post with a summary of the episode, and use this url to promote my show on social media.

But these static image aren’t very engaging for an audience who are already inundated with static images. So I went in search of a free tool to create audio clips to post on social media, and I discovered Wavve.

Wavve is also aimed at musicians and radio shows, but I was interested in how a podcaster like me could turn audio clips from a show into shareable video highlights. This way I can entice new listeners to explore my show.

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