The Real Exoskeletons

Could you use an exo-machine in your story?
Here’s what already exists – but maybe you can think of more applications 😎

Nicholas C. Rossis

Do you remember Ripley fighting the Alien queen? If not, here’s a quick reminder:

Real exoskeletons are now making their way into the construction industry to increase safety and productivity for all workers. These machines aim to reduce any strain gained from tasks ranging from screwing car bolts overhead in a car factory to drilling into walls while holding up heavy equipment.

Exoskeletons range from supporting a worker’s back, legs, and hands to supporting the user’s entire body.

A BigRentz infographic explores how exoskeletons are improving both safety and productivity in the construction industry.

What Are Exoskeletons?

Exoskeletons, or exosuits, are wearable machines suited with motorized joints that aim to minimize strain and injury by providing lift support, weight dispersion, posture correction, and other capabilities.

While these machines are mainly used for physical rehabilitation at the moment, they are increasingly used by workers in construction and manufacturing.


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