How To Bring Your Book’s Setting To Life

K.M. Allan

When writing a book, plenty of effort goes into building our characters or working out our plots that sometimes the setting of your book world gets a little lost.

This can happen if you’re afraid of bogging the reader down in too much detail, worried you’ll slow the pace by stopping to explain things, or assuming they’ll know everything because it’s set in the modern world.

But you could lose depth by skimping on your setting, depriving the reader of something else to enjoy about your book.

To stop the settings from fading into the background, bring them to life with these tips.

How To Bring Your Book’s Setting To Life

Make It Authentic

Regardless of whether your book is set in a modern city, a ’50s era small town, a futuristic otherworldly planet, or a hidden fantasy world filled with imaginative creatures, you can still make it authentic.


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